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How to integrate TestRail with Jenkins?


I am trying to integrate TestRail with Jenkins where I want to run some test cases from test rail which calls the test cases in jenkins, and then writes the result back to TestRail itself, or something similar to this.

I know there is an API for this, but so far I am not able to figure out how to go ahead with this API.

Any suggestions would be of great help.
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i think here in the forum are examples of UI scripts, that would trigger tests from TestRail to an automated system.

But the general approach and/or suggestion is, that the CI system should be the active part here. It knows, when things have changed and can then start the tests and then post the results to TestRail. This would be a full automated system.

When you trigger the test execution from TestRail, it is a manual step, where you need to know “ah now something has changed, let’s start” - so I do not see any gain from this approach and it is not fully automated

this might help:


I just found a great tutorial for the integration process. it is quite simple steps are clear

  1. intsallation of plugin
  2. Configuration of plugin (consists of two parts).
    for detailed info check blokada


I too am attempting to integrate TestRail with our Jenkins installation. This blog post is pretty good:

You will need a way to map each Jenkins test to the appropriate TestRail test-case id, Ex: C123.

After the Jenkins run, reconcile the test results with the mapping and POST to the TestRail API with the test_run_id, test-case id, and the test result status_id as defined in TestRail.


There is a Jenkins plugin maintained by the Jenkins I think that will help you.
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