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How to Integrate Selenium C# with TestRail. i want full dummy demo

Hi All,

Actually i wanted to integrate TestRail with Selenium WebDriver C# (Visual Studio).

We are developing applications in Visual Studio, using C#.

I have created Selenium tests in C#, run them from within Visual Studio (Test Explorer).

What I can’t understand is what I need to do to my C# tests in Visual Studio to make them accessible to TestRail, or how to direct it to them.

I don’t yet have get the proper demo of the ways of C# and Visual Studio.

I’ve searched here but can’t find enough detail. Can anyone give me any pointers?


I’ve previously put together a working example of Selenium + Testrail here if you’d like to check it out.

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@DeclanCarroll Thanks for your contribution to the community. Really appreciate it.


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Hey Vishal,

Welcome to the TestRail Community !
Please check out the response by @DeclanCarroll.

Let me know if it works for you.