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How to integrate Protractor (JS) to Testrail?


Hi, guys.

Is there any comfortable way to ingrate well-written framework (based on Protractor, JS, NodeJS) to Testrail?

My goal is posting a reports to Testrail after running my autotests.

I tried many npm packages (such as node-testrail, node-testrail-api, testrail-reporter, testrail, testrail-js), but it was unsuccessful.

Maybe ive done something wrong, because im doing it very first time.

Is there any people here who`s reached succes by subject? Or example of this?

(i`ve read all code examples on GitHub to the abobe npm packages).


Why can’t you just make API calls?


Unfortunately, i do not understand until the end how integration should be work on abstract level. Obviously, in this case i cant implement integration from automation framework to Testrail within code.

Ive seen java example integration but this couldnt help me (but abstractly i got the idea more or less).

Is there any JS integration example (like java

Official doc`s from different npm packages and code implementation havent helped by this time.