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How to integrate C# Automation result in TestRail


Hi All,

I am new for TestRail, our Automation test runs through App Center and the result stores in App Center. I want to integrate the App center test run result into TestRail. Once the test runs in AppCenter the result should directly update the TestRail based on Test case ID. Automated test is written in C# with Xamarin. Can anyone help me on that.



Hi Suman,

Thank you for posting! You can integrate TestRail with basically any test automation tool and many of our customers integrate their automated tests. You would integrate test automation tools by using TestRail’s API. You can learn more about the API on our website here:

While we don’t currently have ready-to-use scripts for specific test automation tools, many of our customers use TestRail together with various test automation tools and frameworks such as Selenium, Cucumber, Ranorex, many commercial tools, CI tools like Jenkins etc. It’s also planned to offer more example scripts in the future. We also offer basic API bindings for various programming languages such as Java, .NET, Python, Ruby, PHP etc. via the above link.

I hope this helps!




Hi Callahan,

Our Automation scripts run on AppCenter and Result is stored there. Do you have any example or script which can update the Appcenter automation test result to TestRail based on Testcase ID. Can we integrate App Center API with TestRail APIs.