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How to hide test status under certain projects?


How to hide/disable some test statuses ( in test run ) in one specific project ?
Is there any way to control these things over UI scripts ?



Hi there,

Hiding or disabling statuses within a specific project is unfortunately not possible. Using a UI Script in this case wouldn’t be possible

If you could give me a little more context into your use case, it would help to determine how this could be possibly implemented in a future release.




We are working on multi project environment. All project handlers have their own needs. Some of the projects need to have x statuses ( custom ) some projects defaults.

At the end if we have more than 30 different projects and not all statuses will be used the same way… so testers end up big list of statuses. In order to make things very clear for them and not have human errors where tester accidentally or just was confused which status use will make a mistake.

In my opinion makes sense to have this custom per project if really needed. If we cant make it per project at least would be the option to hide it.

Currently some testers are using not right statuses in projects where these will be not even needed… its matter of communication also but at the end if you have more than 100 testers under many projects you cant double check all of them all the time :slight_smile:

Would be nice to have this one day at least.



Hey Viljam,

Thank you for the additional information. This definitely helps to understand the use case. The situation that you have outlined does make sense and I can see how this would be a benefit. I would be happy to add this to our feature request list and add your vote for it.

As you may know, many of the features that we implement in TestRail come from customer suggestions like this.



yes i am aware of this :slight_smile: Just would be nice to have this one day:) Hopefully not too late!.



Hi Test Rail Team,

Can we know by when Test Rail team is planning to implement this feature? Lack of this feature is quite frustrating.


Hello Sudarshan,

Thank you for posting! I have added your vote to our existing feature request for this so that our product managers can prioritize this accordingly. Unfortunately, we do not have a specific timeframe/ETA to provide for this yet. The best place to receive updates on this would be our blog, as we always publish a new post that details the new features/changes to TestRail:

I hope this helps!