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How to have multiple users able to log issues to jira directly from TestRails


I setup testrails to connect to my jira database and it works successfully but the only way I am able to view and create issues directly to jira is if I configure my jira account to be the default account for all of testrail. Is there any way to setup variable usernames and passwords so I don’t have my personal jira account tied to testrails as a whole


Hello Adam,

Thanks for your post! Yes, it is possible to set up user variables for the JIRA integration, and this would also allow you to set a fallback user in case any TestRail user doesn’t enter their JIRA credentials. When using the ‘Configure JIRA Integration’ button under Administration > Integration, these user variables are configured automatically for you in the defect plugin settings. Users could then add their JIRA credentials under their profile > My Settings > Settings tab. You can also learn more about configuring user variables manually with the JIRA integration on our website here:

Hope this helps!