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How to handle daily scheduled test run?



i wanna know something about daily test run,
is there any way to set a test run automatically and assign to someone?

we have a lot of daily test to do, if we need to create one by one and time to time, that makes life a little bit hard. :slight_smile:

haha… sorry, i am greed may be.



Hi @RainHaung,

Thanks for the post! If you are assigning your test runs to the same user each time you execute the run, you can use the ‘Rerun’ button to recreate a previous test run and have it automatically use the same tests and assign the run to the same user. You can also use the Rerun feature for an entire test plan, and replicate all test runs within the test plan.

Another option would be to utilize TestRail’s API to create your test runs or plans each day, or as needed. The API would allow you to select specific tests for your runs as well as assignees for individual tests.

I hope this helps,



Hey @jon.reynolds Thanks. i will take a look at the doc of APIs later.