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How to group Tests Runs & Results



in the Tab “Test Runs & Results” there is the possibillity to group the plans and runs. Unfortunately i cannot group by a custom value. Or can I?

I ask because our company has multiple products which get tested with the same testcases, so for one milestone we have like 20 Test Plans for the different products, and beside the milestones we have other test runs. The result is that the “Tests Runs & Results” page is very confusing. It would be much better if I could group the plans by a custom value, like “product” or “test type”.

How can i get a custom ordered view on the test results?

Greets, Toby


Hello Toby,

Thanks for your posting. The Test Runs & Results overview page only supports the grouping options you see in the UI (e.g. Milestone, Day/Month). The runs/plans don’t have any additional fields to group by actually (e.g. “product” or “test type”). Do you maybe refer to system/custom fields on the test case or test result level?




Thanks for the quick answer.

I just need a arrangeable overview of my closed Tests Plans.
Unfortunately the closed Test Plans don’t get affected by the “Group By” and “Order By” actions.

We are currently using Testrail for firmware verification tests on different hardware units. It’s hard to find a specific software-hardware combination when the closed Test Plans are only ordered by date without the possibility of viewing them in a customizable grouping or order.

Is there any possibility to assort the closed Test Plans?



Hello Toby,

Thanks for your reply. Completed test runs are currently always sorted by the date when they were closed and this isn’t configurable at this point unfortunately. We already have this on our todo list though and it’s planned to look into this for a future version (I’ve just added another vote to this request, thanks!).

If you know the test suite your test plans/runs are associated with, you can also take a look at the Test Runs tab when you view a test suite.



I’d like to add my vote for the ability to group TestRail Runs/Plans based on projects and testsuites/sections.
This will help us organize the testruns pertaining to a specific suite/section


Hi anjanaki,

Thank you for your post. I have added your vote to this request.