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How to get the global pass rate after a rerun


I was wondering how to get the global test pass rate after a rerun. Firstly, I have done a test run with all test cases and I can easily see the total % passed. After completing the first run, I made a rerun for only failed test cases. The problem after completing the test rerun is that I only get the % passed for the failed test cases. Ideally, I would like to see the combined pass rate from all test runs (first run + rerun), so I can see what is my final % pass after the test run. Is there any way to achieve it?
Maybe Im doing it wrong, any insight is also welcome :slight_smile:


Hello Santiago,

Thanks for your posting! Yep, that’s the recommended approach and you can use the Results > Comparison for Cases report from the Reports tab in this case. This looks as follows:

The column on the right will show the total coverage using the latest test results and this represents the stats you are looking for.

To create such a report for your two test runs, go to the Reports tab, select Results > Comparison for Cases and select your two test runs on the Sections & Test Runs tab (via Only the following test runs).

I hope this helps!



Great! Thanks a lot, that’s exactly what I was looking for :blush:


Hello Santiago,

Thanks for your reply and great to hear that! :slight_smile: