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How to get text based steps to work


I tried adding a new type of step that was text based. I created the field and then added it to a template. When I use the template, I don’t get the custom field.


I figured it out. After configuring the custom field as Text, I needed to configure it for the projects. In that dialog I set the number of rows and it if was a required field or not. I left it at the default of applying to all projects.


Hello Jeff,

Thanks for your posting! Great to hear that you found this already. Yes, fields need to be assigned to the projects you want to use them with (or assign them to all projects you have). The reason for this is that TestRail has a very flexible custom field system and you can use different fields for different projects if you like.

The new template system introduced in TR 5.2 also allows you to use different fields on a per case basis which adds an additional level of customizations on top of that: