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How to get testrun's chart?


I want to send testrun’s chart into microsoft teams. Instead of having to click on a link to test run I would much rather just show the chart in the message card. How do I do that?

So, how to get testrun’s chart by api?

No, but you can get the numbers (passed, failed, etc.) for a test plan or run using the get_plan or get_run API call.

I totally agree donalaya with one exception:
If you’re fine with some drawbacks, you can use the Dashboard Integration.

Not really good customizable - usually just helpful for marketing reasons, if you’re asked to change the data in some way you don’t have a real chance - at least I wasn’t able to find a way.

It is not possible to define a hidden user to be used to access TestRail. The dashboard-user has to be logged in already or is asked to do so - means a TestRail account is always needed. OK, you can use a public user with read only access for this, but this is not my way.

A high customizable Dashboard with a technical user is a basic feature - IMHO, but not supported yet. So you have to do so by yourself or wait if somebody else does is for you. :innocent:


Thanks guys, will look into it.