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How to get result_id

JObject j = (JObject)client.SendPost(“add_attachment_to_result/1”,

I want to add an attachment using this Post request after posting result for a specific case what i want is to add attachment on the case result. But i don’t know how to get the result_id

Thank you

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Hi @jessakim,

I guess you add the result trough the API as well and you have used one of the add_result* methods. Just check the result of you add, this contains the needed info like get_result would deliver.

If you want to add an attachment to an existing result (created before), you first have to get the resuls for the test and choose the correct one.


@kwirth That’s correct.

@jessakim Could you please try the same and let me know if it works for you ? [Getting the result id from the response content of add_result API and then using it in the add attachment API].


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Hi @kwirth thanks for the details. Thank you.