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How to get entry_id from get_run API call?


get_run Api call does not seem to return the entry_id for the test run (I believe it would make sense to return this as a part of JSON response).

If I do get_plan, I do get a list of all the test runs inside with their entry id. But what if I just want to update the plan entry that is already being created by someone and for which I will need plan id (that I have) and entry_id which seems to be missing unless I get that via some tool (like Postman).

Is there a solution to this? An example would be appreciated.



Update: Approach I can think of:

  1. Get the plan get_plan
  2. Get the entries out of the JSON response from step 1
  3. Put a condition where if name == specific test run then get the id of that entry which will be an entry id of the test run.
  4. Make a call to update_plan_entry with entry id from step 4 and test plan id as input.

Also, pass description attribute while making a call to update_plan_entry.

For example,

data.put("description", "desired content of description");

Have not tested yet since we are on TestRail v5.1.0.3413 and not v5.3… Is that something sound right to you? Insights please.


Hi Pratik,

Yes, this would work and the entry IDs are returned as part of get_plan. update_plan_entry also has support for setting the entry-level description. This is copied down to the configurations of the entry as mentioned in the other thread as long as the configurations don’t override the description.



Thank you for your response.

Is there an example/screenshot on how does the description overrides with the configuration?

And where and how it will look like if it doesn’t overlap?

That way I can see what safety measures needs to be taken or decide whether to use update_plan_entry or not.



Hi Pratik,

update_plan_entry would primarily set the description of the plan entry. This is copied down to the descriptions of the configurations if they haven’t overridden the description. Setting the description per configuration can either be done in the UI or via the API and the initial add_plan or add_plan_entry API call.

I hope this helps!