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How to get custom fields via the api?



I have a custom field with type multi_select (named tags) for the test cases and like to retrieve information about them via the api.

When querying the cases or tests, I get

"custom_tags": [

but how do I retrieve the matching name of that ? Is this somehow possible ? Or do I need to have mapping on the client side, so mirroring the mapping from the server side ?



You can find the custom field definitions with the following API methods and this also includes the name of the field and possible values:

I hope this helps!



great - thanks for the quick answer - will try it out


You are welcome!



Hi dude,

PFA. This is our status of DAR. Just have a look on it. Could you please share What are the extra main things could we do in TestRail apart from this.


Hi Naresh,

Almost all points for TestRail are already set to “Yes”, so I’m not sure if I can add anything else :slight_smile: In general, if there’s something in TestRail you haven’t found or aren’t sure about, we are happy to help in this case. Some functionality that may not be built-in directly can also be achieved with a few customizations such as generating reports outside of TestRail by using TestRail’s exports (e.g. XML or CSV).

I hope this helps!