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How to get_cases from section with API?


I’m able to get the entire test cases for my project via the api with:
where project_id = 4.

I would like to just get the test cases for a section in the project and tried both of the following:

where section_id is the section_ID I want.

The result set is empty. My project is a single repository, but I thought I should be able to filter by section.

Please advise.


I think my problem is the section I’m invoking does not have any test cases, but the child sections under it do. I would have thought the parent section in the API call would provide the child cases as well. Is this not the case? Is there a way to get the child cases?


You could use the get_sections API call to find all the child sections (i.e. where parent_id=444) and loop through those to get all their sections and/or cases.


Hello all,


returns only the cases for this particular section and you can use get_sections to get a list of all sections (like Don already said, thanks!).