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How to generate report with complete test results (screenshots, etc)

Hi all,
After finish some cycles and perform a test run i´ve tried to download a report with all the results attached in the pdf (screenshots, logs,etc) but i can´t find the right option to generate in that way.
Could you help me?

Hi lapla,

Thank you for posting! There isn’t a separate report specifically for attachments within TestRail under the Reports tab. You would be able to use the print reports which would display inline attachments such as images/screenshots already, but this wouldn’t include other attachments that were added to the tests via the drag & drop or browse file feature (for example documents or pdfs). You can access the print reports from the test run by clicking on the printer icon in the toolbar at the top and select the ‘Details’ option to see any screenshots / images that were added inline. Print reports can’t be scheduled or automatically emailed from TestRail, but you can save these as PDFs and email these out manually as needed.

I hope this helps!