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How to find User last logged in details


+10 votes for this feature. Please!..


Hi Phil,

Thanks for your feedback!



I am on TestRail Cloud. I have over 200 users that are listed as active. Many of them were created for a 1 time use and then they didn’t need access any more. Since we didn’t clean many of the users and set them to inactive I really need a way to know when the user last logged in.

Is there an API that I can call to get me this information? Can I make a request to have someone make the query in the DB for me? Has this functionality been added recently?

Thank you for any help you can offer!


I vote for this feature as well.


There is no API endpoint for users that I know of. Since it is hosted I would directly contact Gurock support via email for a query or report.


We need this functionality as well.
has this functionilty already been scheduled for one of the next upgrades?


Vote for this +10.
Is there way to do the dirty work by query the database directly?


for the sake of completion - with v5.5 (i think) this is now part of the administration interface