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How to find User last logged in details


Happy to add another few votes :slightly_smiling:



I vote for this feature as well!


Thanks for your feedback, Cynthia!



I would also find this extremely useful. +1 for me


Thanks for your feedback, Christopher!



This is going to change form a “nice to have” to a “must have” if Test Rail wants to be SOX compliant. User Access reporting is a standard request from any Audit team in the US. Information included in the report should show the last login for each Project in Testrail. Another report should show what access/permission level by user by project.

Extracting inactive users

Hi Rich,

Thanks for your feedback. It’s still planned to look into this and add some user related reports on Administration > Users & Roles or elsewhere in the administration area. You can already view the user permissions/access per project on Administration > Projects > edit a project > Access but I agree that having this on a single page would be more convenient.



it’s weird this isn’t present in the solution by default. we are a 300 employee company and i’d like to be able to remove inactive accounts as soon as possible.


Hi @rikh,

Yes, it’s planned to look into this, thanks for your feedback on this. If you are on TR Server, you can run a (read-only) query against the database to see if a user is actively using TR and the best way to check that is if a user has an active session in the sessions table.



This question was first asked in Aug 2015. That is almost 2 years ago. That’s a very long time ago. Same reason here. Auditors want info on when account last used and I want info to deactivate accounts to reduce costs.


@tgurock is there an update on if/when admins will be able to view last logged in details for accounts? As @Curtis and several others mentioned, this a standard feature and needed for auditing and removing users.

Any update?


Hi Kira,

Thank you for the follow up post. We do not have an ETA on if or when this will be implemented in TestRail. That being said, I would be happy to add your vote to this feature request.


+10 votes for this feature. Please!..


Hi Phil,

Thanks for your feedback!



I am on TestRail Cloud. I have over 200 users that are listed as active. Many of them were created for a 1 time use and then they didn’t need access any more. Since we didn’t clean many of the users and set them to inactive I really need a way to know when the user last logged in.

Is there an API that I can call to get me this information? Can I make a request to have someone make the query in the DB for me? Has this functionality been added recently?

Thank you for any help you can offer!


I vote for this feature as well.


There is no API endpoint for users that I know of. Since it is hosted I would directly contact Gurock support via email for a query or report.


We need this functionality as well.
has this functionilty already been scheduled for one of the next upgrades?


Vote for this +10.
Is there way to do the dirty work by query the database directly?


for the sake of completion - with v5.5 (i think) this is now part of the administration interface