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How to find the test with the most test results



how can I find out the most “active” test in a test run, meaning the test, with the most number of test results added ?

I thought the “Comparison for Cases (Results)” report can help me, but that only shows the latest/combined result.

So, how can I find out the most unstable tests ?


Hi Andreas,

The Cases > Status Tops should be what you are looking for. It’s alternatively also possible to do a CSV export on the run page (with all results) and then post-process this in Excel, for example, or quickly go through your tests manually with the three-pane view and j/k for switching between tests.



Hi Tobias,

thanks for the answer.

Manually going through this is against my nature as automate fanatic :wink: no, going through a thousand tests or so is not wanted.

The status tops was what i was looking for, so this helped - though it seems that in the total count, it also includes “Assigned” and not only a result.

so, the 12 is a sum of test results and assigning. I hoped more for only accounting the actual test results.

Thanks again for the answer

Oh and it would be great if one could be able to select a column, after which the table is sorted


Hi Andreas,

Good to hear that the report is a good fit :slight_smile: The total count can also include the assignments/comments (not only results) but we will make sure to review this again for the next version.