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How to find the cases with most number of failures?


We need to cut the scope for the next testing.
How can we determine how many failures every section and every test case had in past 3-4 months w/o opening every single one test case and counting number of failures in it’s history?


Hi Konstantin,

Thanks for your posting! I would recommend using the Cases > Status Tops report from the Reports tab in this case. This lists the cases with the highest amount of failed/blocked/retest/passed etc. statuses for a select scope (e.g. test runs over the last few months).



Thanks for the answer.
But I can’t find how to filter test cases using their properties: I need to filter out all automated test cases as they have the highest numbers of execution, and failures as well - so I don’t need to see automated tests in this report


Hello Konstantin,

Thanks for your reply. There’s currently no filter available for this specific report but we are happy to look into this. You can change the number of displayed cases so this report might still be useful. You can alternatively also look into using the XML exports and generate your own report based on this and I’m happy to suggest possible implementations. For example, you can generate a full export for an entire milestone and then post-process the XML file to find the cases that failed most (filtering out the automated cases).