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How to find requirements in jira with no test case



this is more a JIRA related question and I hope someone knows whether this can be done with a JIRA query and how it would look like.

How can I query in JIRA for all requirements that have no test case associated ? So the “without test case” part, is this doable in a JIRA query ?



Thanks for your posting. You can do this in TestRail actually with the Cases > Coverage for References report. To do this, you would need to have a list of JIRA issues from JIRA (e.g. created via an export or query) and then create a new Cases > Coverage for References report with the “The following references only” option enabled. You can copy the list of JIRA issues to the text box below this option and the generated report would show the case coverage for your JIRA issues (including those issues without cases).

I hope this helps!



cool thanks - didn’t though about that way :slight_smile:


You are welcome, glad to help :smile:



Would it be possible to use a JQL string from a Jira query so we weren’t dealing with a fixed set of requirements?


Hi Seth,

Executing JQL directly in TestRail is not possible, but you certainly use a JQL query to generate the list of cases in JIRA and then copy&paste this list to the requirement coverage report in TestRail. Would this work for you?



It’s presently what I’m doing. I’d like to make the report more dynamic so as new requirements are created the coverage map would scale appropriately. Thanks


Thanks for your feedback, Seth! It’s already planned to look into this and I’m happy to add another vote. It’s unlikely that we will support JQL directly (but that depends on JIRA’s API) but we would like to make it easier to specify a list of issues for the reports (and ideally get them directly from JIRA).



Hi @tgurock
Is there any plan to introduce this in the near future? It’s currently the only drawback for my implementing TestRail as I would like a dynamic way to query requirements coverage in JIRA. I understand I can copy and paste the JIRA keys into TestRail but if I am wanting a report based on a fix version then I need to constantly update the keys in TestRail as more JIRAs are added to a release.


Hello Ben,

Thanks for your posting! Yes, there are plans to look into this but I cannot promise at this point if or when this will be available. We understand that this would be great to have and would also like to see this in the product. I’m happy to add another vote to this feature request and thanks again for your feedback.



Hi @tgurock,
I would to add my vote to being able to create more dynamic reports. Copy/paste is very cumbersome for our teams as we’re managing 20+ releases in parallel and scope churn for each.



Hi Chris,

Thanks for your feedback. Do you mean copying&pasting JIRA issue IDs? Yes, it’s planned to make this easier to handle and “import” issue IDs to the reports so you can create coverage reports more easily, for example.



Yes - for example, we may have a sprint with 10 tickets and it may change in scope before launch. I would like the scheduled reports to capture it more dynamically instead of having to recreate all reports each time scope changes.

Great news regarding the upcoming updates. Thanks.


Hi Chris,

Yes, this makes sense and thanks again for your feedback! We will definitely make sure to review this again for one of the next versions.



I am working on something similar. I would love to have this feature.
Is there any update on this ?


Hi Sharat,

We currently recommend exporting the issue list from JIRA and then using the “The following references only” option on the report form. This will also return the requirements/issues with no linked cases. It’s also planned to look into a more automated approach and I’m happy to add another vote to this feature request, thanks for your feedback!



Hi Tobias,

I see the last post here was from 2016, any update on this or same method as you suggested before?



Yes, I would love to know if this will be implemented soon. We are trying to reduce the amount of manual updating of reports and being able to dynamically update our list of JIRA IDs would be very helpful.

Please let me know the status of this.