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How to filtered the test cases in report's graphic


When I excluded some test cases of my report, these being filtered to only show certain results (eg. Success, failed, blocker), I see still other results in the pie chart … How could I only see the graphical results for test cases identified by the filter?

As shown in the pictures, the status “Ne s’applique pas” is not selected in the filter for test cases, but this status is still displayed in the test report graphic…


Hi Serge!

Thanks for your posting. The filter currently only applies to the Tests section of the report (i.e. list/table of tests) and not the pie chart (which displays the stats for the entire test run). We are happy to add this to our feature request list, thanks again for your feedback on this!



+1 this thread. It would be nice to be able to filter the pie chart. We use N/A in some test runs (making template runs). Management doesn’t want to see the N/A cases in the pie chart, but the status is useful for testing.



Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for your feedback! For statuses such N/A, Not Applicable, Ignored etc., it can also make sense to exclude those test cases from the test run/plan instead. Test cases would then automatically be removed from the test run/plan statistics.



+1 for this feature request. I want the pie chart to represent all the issues returned by my filter. That way I can create a “sub” report for a given area in my test run. Alternatively there should be a toggle switch to make the pie chart behave this way.
Best regards
Roy T


Thanks for your feedback, Roy, added your +1 :slight_smile: