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How to filter only a group of test runs to display in a JIRA ticket?

I have a test case created 2 years ago, and have been run for 3 times during the 2 years, e.g. Test Run 1, Test Run 2, Test Run 3.
Now I received a temporary test request (a JIRA ticket), that due to some system change, I need to recheck the functionality covered by this test case.

What I did:
I link the old test case to the new test request JIRA ticket (add the JIRA ticket ID as the Reference of the test case). And I created a test run in TestRail for this test case.

Now the test request ticket has 4 test runs, Test Run 1-3, and the latest one.

Is there any way I can filter out some test run to be displayed in the JIRA ticket, i.e. only display the latest test run in the test request ticket?

I know I can create a new test case (or simply copy the old test case to a new one) to have a “clean” test run results, but I would like to avoid this because more test cases would cause more maintenance problems for the future.