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How to fetch ToDo given the username via UIScript?

Since not every tester is looking on their ToDo list, I would like to make a certain UI text that is visible across pages (probably beside the banner) where it will say

“Hey , there’s something for you in ToDo list” or any text that is positive and encouraging.

This will only show if the user has been assigned to do something.
Is there a way to fetch if a user have assigned to any test cases on a given project_id?

I think the only way to fetch such info is to use REST API, but it has no “todo” endpoint, so you have to calculate todo by yourself inside your UI script.
Basically, you need to get all existing open test plans and test runs (see, check what tests assigned to the particular user by user ID and then display your message if result is above 0.

User ID can be retrieved from the context, see