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How to export tests from TestRail so that each step/result is exported to an individual row


When I export a test from TestRail all the steps sit within one row.

How do I export a test so that each step and sits within its own row? For example if a test has 5 steps the test would sit across 5 rows on the CSV instead of one.


Please update this client, too. We have an immediate need to properly export a test case and it’s many steps to different rows in Excel. From a previous discussion the same request is asked in 2016 and a follow up in 2017. Is 2018 the year to have the functionality?


Is there no way of doing this? I’d appreciate a reply from TestRail.


Hi @DaveB,

Are you trying to export from the Test Suites and Cases tab or from the Test Runs and Results tab?

When we export test runs, we first create the test run and then we print to PDF, selecting the Details option from the dropdown list. This then exports it broken down as you would view it in the test.

Would this work for what you need?

Alternatively, export the suite to an XML file and then import into Excel as an XML File. The individual steps will then be in a separate column. Not sure if this would work for you.