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How to export multiple testcases


We have created a number of testcases spread through a number of sections/subsections. Many of the testcases must be exported to Word/pdf since the testeres/observers will not have access to Testrail while conducting the tests. We are currently running TestRail v5.0.

  • We need to export multiple testcases, however an export to Word/pdf seems only possible for one testcase at the time. With a large number of testcases this generates a lot af extra work, is there any ways of exporting multipla testcases in one operation?

  • Some of the testcases need to be repeated for a number of configrations. Since we need to specify a number of test attributes per configuration (too much to be included in the configuration name), is there any way of adding these attributes for each configuration (or is the only possibility to make as many copies of the testcase as there would be configurations)?

Best Regards
Wilhelm Otnes


Correction: We are running TestRail v5.1.0.3413 (not 5.01 as indicated).
However I cannot see the three-pane GUI, do I need to do something in particular to obtain the new features?


Hello Wilhelm,

Thanks for your posting! You can also create an export of a full suite (case repository)/run/plan/milestone, for example by clicking on the printer icon and then switching to Details.

If you want to test against different configurations or environments, I can recommend looking into TestRail’s test plan & configuration features. This will create a separate test run per configuration. Using configurations has a few advantages over duplicating test cases such as separate statistics per configuration/run and improved reporting. You can find learn more about plans & configurations here:



Hi Tobias,
thanks for a fast feedback!

  1. On the export I did not quite understand, when I click on th “Details” there are no other options and I can only print the selected testcase.

  2. The issue with the configuration is that although I can use the configuration as illustrated in the video, in our tests each configuration requires a set of related testdata to be specified for the testers to undertake the test unique to that config. I need somwhere to enter the testdata for each config intstance, for the testers to use. If there were a field a la “Testdata” up with the “Preconditions” field similar to the “Comment” field at the end this would have solved the issue, do you have any proposal?

  3. Lastly I cannot see the three-pane GUI on our v5.1 installation, do I need to do something in particular to obtain the new features?

Best regards


Hello Wilhelm,

Thanks for your reply!

  1. You would need to click the printer icon on the repository page (where you see all cases) and not on the page for a single test case. The print view would then include all cases of the repository.

  2. I’m assuming you are looking for a text field on the case level, is this correct? You can simply add additional fields via TestRail’s custom field feature:

  3. Sorry, I missed that question. The three-pane view is available on the case repository/test run pages via the little expand icon when you hover over a case/test:

(see the expand/collapse icon in the green test row)

There’s also a short video which explains the new feature(s):

I hope this helps!



Great Tobias, that was very clear!

I remain with questions on the configuration:

I understand that you can select configurations from multiple configuration group, making them combine with another.

However I do not see if it is possible the change the combination order, it seems to always select the firstly defined configuration (on the top) as the first choice and then reiterated over the next configuration group - where I would like to select which configuration group was to be placed first, second etc.

  1. Is there some way of achieving this? There is an up/down arrow to the right of the Configuration button, has this something to do with this?

  2. It seems that the configuration items are sorted alphabetically when I save the configuration, however the sort is not always performed. Can you explain how to get these sequenced in a structured way, either alphabetically or in a desired sequence?

Best regards


Hello Wilhelm,

Great to hear that this helped!

Regarding your other questions: the up/down arrows would change the order of the run (group) within the test plan but this would be independent of the configurations inside a group. The configurations are actually sorted alphabetically (first by group, then by configuration).