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How to export all my TestSuites all at once to Excel?



On my project I have 9 Test Suites, I wanted to get a summary of all my test cases to put them in my Test Plan document. But the Export feature is at the individual Test Suite level i.e. I need to go to each Test Suite to export each one.

Is there a way to do that more at the project level? if not I think this Export feature would be a nice addition to your future roadmap.



Hello Roy,

you are correct that this is not currently possible. It’s definitely planned to add more export (and report) capabilities and make this available on more pages/entities, including at the project level.



This original post was from a while but I’m finding the same issue. I would like to export all test cases from all test suites. I don’t want to have to go into each test suite (as I have many) and export for each test suite every time.

Is this available in TestRail v5.4.1? Where is it?


I have looked through our instance of 5.4.1 and searched the forums and only found references to exporting Suites. I think it is safe to conclude that there is no functionality for exporting of all Test cases in a Project at this time.


To add onto why I need this function is because it’s suggested that we export ourselves and “slice and dice” ourselves (for what is lacking in the Reports functionality). However, I can’t do this if I can’t export the entire test case repository.

It seems like I will have to manually export each and every test suite every single time.