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How to execute selenium test from Testrail


Im trying to triggering my selenium test from Testrail, but I dont find information about it. It is possible? My idea is that when a UI Script run from Testrail, it create a selenium container (docker), execute the test and send the output results to Testrail.

It is possible?


From what I have read there is a ‘trigger’ to do that type of thing - you can search the forums and see what it comes up with. It has been discussed a couple times in the last couple of weeks.

Though - it is not the preferred way to use TR and automation. TR was designed more to be the reporting tool after the tests are triggered and the results are fed to TR via the API.


there is one example on the page: and/or

If you have a self hosted solution, this becomes quite easy, otherwise it is a tough thing, but also because … (see @BGanger answer)