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How to do coorelation with SmartInspect



I have a service that runs many threads and handles events in other threads. I am passing a “workitem” through my service. Each workitem is processed by it’s own thread, but also generated events that are handled in a separate thread.

Is there a way to co-relate all of my logging messages for this workitem?
Can I add a custom column and filter on that?

Basically I am looking for the process flow of that workitem, not just the thread that processed it.



Hi Sheri,

I would suggest using SmartInspect’s sessions for this. You could generate a unique session ID for each work item (in case the work items don’t already have some kind of unique identifier) and then filter for those sessions in the Console. You could also use SmartInspect’s AutoView Rules to automatically create new views for your sessions/work items automatically.

I hope this helps.