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How to delete test cases/sections/subsections without affecting existing test runs


If I delete a test case section, its associated subsections, and the tests inside Test Case view, does this mess up any test runs that are associated with them? I think it does. And now I just realized I kind of painted myself into a corner.

I messed up when I first imported my test cases. I imported every test that I have, and placed them in a section called Master Test Templates. Then I copied a subset of these into a different section/subsection (called Specific Releases/2.1). My idea was that I wanted to maintain a master repository of test cases, and then just inherit these into specific release testing efforts. I’ve been logging test results against the test run associated with the Specific Releases/2.1 test cases for a couple of days now. But I just realized that what I should be doing is keeping just a single copy of all the test cases (so I only have one place to make edits or to inherit from), and then pulling these test cases into individual test plans and test runs. Right?

So now I’m faced with several man-days worth of work being sunk into test runs that use the Specific Releases/2.1 test cases. Any easy way to get myself out of this mess? Can I ‘re-point’ the existing test runs to the Master test cases and then subsequently delete the Specific Releases test case sections?


Hello Jeff,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, the idea is to reuse the same test cases over time and you can simply start multiple test plans/runs for the same test cases (also at the same time). To prevent TestRail from propagating changes in the case repository (e.g. adding or removing test cases), you can close test plans & runs:

You would usually do this once you’ve finished a test run/plan and closing a test run/plan would archive it and prevent future modifications. Once you closed a test run/plan, changes to the case repository would also no longer affect this run/plan and you can then also delete or move the cases (e.g. to restructure your case repository). Please note that active (i.e. non closed) test runs/plans would be affected by changes in the case repository and deleting cases and sections would also remove any tests & results in active runs/plans.

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions!



If I delete cases I copied from another project, does it delete all of the cases in the project I copied them from?


No - you can verify this by looking at the Case IDs. When copied from one project to another a new unique case id is created and is treated as a separate case. You can also verify by deleting one case that was copied and check the original case in the original project and verify it is not deleted.


Got it figured out. Thank you!!!