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How to delete empty test plan?



How to delete a (empty) test plan?
I have not found any way to do this very simple task…

I have read other posts about deleting other entities, but it does not seem to apply to test plans.
Should there not be a Delete option in the pane to the right?




What version of Test Rail do you have ? I know you can delete test plans in 4.2 (I tested it) but since we don’t use test plans I can’t tell if TR 4.1 allows for deleting test plans.

Make sure you are set as an Admin in Test Rail.


I am using version, as Admin.


Hi Malte,

You would be able to delete a test plan via the sidebar link as well, but it looks like you don’t have the correct permissions configured for this. Please note that this is independent of the Admin status, as you can still remove permissions via roles/project permissions, so make sure that your role for the project or your global role has the correct permission set.


Thanks for the response.

I have global role “Lead”, and all permissions are checked for this role (see attached screenshot).
So… any other ideas?


Could you also check if the project has any other role configured? You can edit a project and select the Access tab to check this.


Got it, thanks!

No project roles were set.
When adding myself as Lead for the project, I could delete the plan. :smile:

But isn’t it kind of strange that the project settings are not set to global defaults when creating the project?
Just wondering…


Hi Malte,

The problem is likely that you/another admin changed the Default Access dropdown on the project’s Access page earlier. By default it’s using Global Role so all users have their, well, global role set for the project. :slight_smile: Maybe this is currently changed to something else for this project? E.g. a specific role (e.g. “Tester” instead of the default “Global Role” option)?


Hi again,

Don’t really know how it happened but main thing is that it works now… We’ll have to keep our eyes open if it happens again.
Good to know that Global Role should be default anyway. That’s the logic I was looking for. :smile:
Thanks again!