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How to delete a test suite


I create a project and a few test suites, and now I have a few test suites that are not useful anymore. How do I delete them?



Thanks for your message. Since deleting data is not a common operation, we have decided to make this feature a little less prominent (as opposed to placing it in the toolbar, for example).

So to delete a test suite, just edit the suite (using the Edit button in the toolbar). On the Edit page, there’s a delete link in the sidebar on the right side of the page. The same is true for other delete links throughout the application.

I hope this answers your question!



That’s awesome, thanks for your support


I am not able to delete a test suite because the sidebar which you have mentioned inside the edit page is not available. Moreover, I am the owner of the suite which I am trying to delete. So it has nothing to do with lack of permissions I hope. Please help



Thanks for your feedback. Would it be possible to send a screenshot of the suite page to Also, do you see any UI scripts under Administration > Customizations (at the bottom of the page)?




I face the same problem with this, I already had access to delete the test suits yet i still unable to delete it. I already sent email to for the screenshot. Please help.

Thank you
Yuna Sianipar,


Hello Yuna,

Thanks for your posting. I believe we already answered this via email but you can delete suites on their edit pages via the red “delete” link. Please note that this deletes all sections/cases in this suite as well as all active test runs for this suite and this cannot be undone. So, you might want to consider closing your test runs (which archives them) before deleting your suite.