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How to delete a default set customized setting


How can I delete a default value (e.g under priority) ?
Or deselect the option in a part where a default is set?
Thanks and Regards



Thanks for your posting. You would first need to change the default to another priority (e.g. from High to Low) and can then delete the previous default priority. Please note that deleting a priority will change the priority values for all (active) cases with this priority to the default priority.

I hope this helps!



Hi Tobias,
Thanks for the quick responds. So do I.
But my question was more regarding to disable the default state - so that no default is set.
How can I do that when a default is set and I didn’t want to have a default in selection?
Kind regards, Natalie


Hello Natalie,

Thanks for your reply. Fields like priority or case type always have a default in TestRail. One of the reasons for this is that these fields are required and having a default value (maybe even something simple such as Other for the case type) makes it easier to add a case even without selecting a type or priority. For custom fields, this is fully customizable and you can set a default or leave it empty and make it mandatory or not.

I hope this helps!