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How to customize test case ID and test run ID?



Today I was trying to edit/customize above mentioned IDs but failed. This may be due to I’m not familiar with the tool, however, to customize the case IDs is important for us to manage our project.
Any solution to modify those IDs? Thanks in advance!


Why do you need to change ID’s? Maybe there is something that can be worked around as IDs are created by the system and can’t be changed.


Hi BGanger,

Thanks for your message. The reason why we want to customize ID is that we have our naming convention to separate the different types clearly. For example, S1 is the 1st System test case, F2 is the 2nd Fault Tolerance test, A10 is for the 10th Application test…
So you mean, it’s indeed impossible to modify the name of ID?


I think using a custom field in TR is what you want and it can be used in reports.

Changing IDs in a relational DB that use those IDs to tie everything together is generally a very bad idea in design.


Hello Jimmy,

Thanks for your posting. The IDs you see in TestRail are automatically managed/assigned by TestRail (and it wouldn’t be supported to change them) but you can alternatively look into adding a custom field to enter your custom IDs. You can add custom fields under Administration > Customizations in TestRail:

I would recommend using a custom field of type String on the test case level in this case. You can also add this to the test suite and run tables (by customizing the column selection with the “Columns” button).



Hi Tobias,

Thanks for your guide! Now it’s working.




You are welcome, Jimmy!