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How to create Testrun on the bases of previous run result



How we can create a new test run on these basis of previous run results. e.g In previous test run 15 test cases failed Now in new test run i only want to include those cases which fail in previous run.

Is there any filter which i can execute on the creation of new test run ?


Hi there,

Yes, you can actually just use the Rerun button on the existing test run page. When you click the Rerun button you can select the test cases you want to include in the run based on the previous results. The rerun button would also create a new run and wouldn’t change the existing one.

I hope this helps!


Thanks got answer …


When you use the Rerun button you loose all of your previous results, comments, links to bugs etc. Is there a way to retain this information?


Hi John!

Rerunning a test run or plan essentially just creates a new test run/plan without any existing test results but based on the settings of the previous run/plan by default (e.g. name, assignee, case selection, etc.). You can also limit the case selection based on previous test results/statuses.



How would you go about tracking the progress of a batch of work? Say I completed my first test pass which was then debugged and given back to me for round two of testing? I would just want to test all the test cases which were not marked with Passed but I would like to keep my defect links on the test case.

Also, which reporting option would be best for gaining results which showed the life cycle of each test case?



Hi John!

Thanks for your reply. We can recommend the Results > Comparison for Cases report from the Reports tab to track case results over time and this generates a side-by-side comparison similar to:

You can also use the defect related reports to track your defects in a similar way. It’s also planned to make it easier to see related defects (e.g. for tests of the same test case) so you can easily see defects from previous runs.



Hi all,
like @JMills I think that it would be great to push/import the defect attribute to new test runs created with the rerun function (maybe an option check for fields to import in the status filter dialog)

We have integrated TestRail with JIRA so in the defect field we have linked to JIRA issues. It would be great to have those fields and links in the newly created test run so that we could easily see when that issue is resolved and then retest.

I guess that through the API this can be done, but it would be a great addition to the web app too.

Thanks and regards,



Hi Jordi,

Thanks for your feedback! I believe you will find the new context and defect tabs we will have in TestRail 5.0 (announced next week) useful, as this will make it very easy to see the details of related test results and defects for new test runs.