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How to create Test Run with Multiple iterations of a same testcase using API


Hi all,

I can create a test run using add_run , but while creating a test run I want to add same test suppose “Addition” with test ID “12” 10 times.
Now while creating test run using API how to achieve multiple iterations of same test case?



@tgurock I am kind of stuck in this. any idea how to do using API? create test run with multiple iterations of same tests.


Hi GirijaJoshi,

Thank you for the post. Just to be sure I understand, you are wanting to create a test run but include the same test in that run multiple times?


@martylavender correct you understood correctly.


Hi GirijaJoshi,

Thanks for confirming! Including the same test case multiple times in the same test run wouldn’t be supported currently. We would recommend creating a test plan and adding multiple runs to the plan that contain the same test case. You can also look into using TestRail’s test plan configurations to manage this if you are adding multiple test cases to the same test plan for use with various platform configurations (e.g. such as browser, operating system, device, etc. combinations):

Hope this helps!



@mgarcia thanks Marco for the reply. Currently I am doing same thing as you suggested.