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How to create test plan report without links

I am looking for a way to create just the test plans without the imbedded links.
I used the reporting feature that generates a report of the test plans in PDF and HTML format which is great if you have TestRail access. However, our users do not. I need a test plan report that expands the details in a user friendly readable format to put in Confluence. Exporting to XML, XLS, or CSV is not an option - not readable and or professional.
What are my options?

Hi Jere,

Thanks for the post! With TestRail’s built-in reports, you would be able to disable any links in the HTML and PDF reports using the ‘Do not include links in report’ option found in the ‘Report Options’ section. This should disable any links to TestRail entities and you would also be able to embed the PDF report inside Confluence as needed.

I hope this helps!

I knew that option but it does not do what i need. I need more than disabling the links. If you disable the links you do not get the details of the test case. I need to complete test case in the report. I found a way to do it one test case at a time, by viewing the test case, right mouse, print to PDF and it creates a formatted report with the details steps. However, i wanted to get a report of the complete suite in TestRail in a veiwable format. Exporting to XLS helps some but not the same as a formatted report. TestRail should create a rpt i can create disabling links that also has a detail option, so I can expand the link data into PDF. Other ideas?

Hi Jere,

Thanks for the feedback! Within a test suite, you can use the Print button in the menu bar to print your test suite. When the print window opens, you can then choose the ‘Detailed’ option from the drop-down menu at the top-right. This will allow you to print an entire test suite, including steps, embedded images, and other details. The screenshot below provides additional details.

This print feature also works with test runs and other entities in TestRail.

I hope this is the option you are looking for.

Thank you Jon, your solution worked great. This solves a major issue we were having with our customer.

Hi Jere,

Glad to hear this solved your reporting need!