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How to create Steps and Step Results


New to TestRail and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

I wanted a setup with Steps and Step Results as shown at:

Here is my Custom Fields setup

I used an existing project and created a new Test Plan and when I tried to create a test case, this is the UI I got:

What am I missing to get this functionality working?


So it appears that it was set to apply to all projects however it wasn’t showing up. I changed it to apply to specific projects (I only have one at the moment so no biggie on that) and it appears to work.


Hello Torrey,

Good to hear that you got it working. Regarding project selection for custom fields: you need to add at least one entry to the Projects & Options table. So to activate a custom field for all projects, simply click the “Add Projects & Options” link and select the “These options apply to all projects” radio button in the dialog.

This option is only selectable if you haven’t added other project assignments, so make sure to delete all other entries in the list first.

If you are wondering why you need to add the project assignments: most custom fields allow you to specify options such as the entries for a dropdown field, if the field is required etc. TestRail allows you to specify those options per project and the dialog is used the specify the options and projects for the custom field.



Is there any chance you will add individual steps and expected results as a standard feature? I like how Testuff “parses” the text field and breaks it into steps that you can indicate pass/fail on as you execute the test.



This feature is already part of TestRail, but it’s not the default way we ship the test case and test result forms with. To add separate test steps to test cases and results, simply configure those fields under Administration > Custom Fields. You can learn more about custom fields in the online help.

I would also be happy to do the initial configuration in your hosted trial if you’d like. Please just email me at dg (at) if you want me to change the configuration.




it seems that i accidentally deleted one of default Customizations in Test Result filed.
Can anybody help me by submitting the default test rail Result Field configuration(Administration -> Customizations ->Result Fields)?

Unfortunately screens posted by Torrey don’t work any more.

Right now I have following entries:

  • Version
  • Elapsed
  • Defects

As you can see one is missing :confused:


Hi Jacek,

Do you mean the steps fields? You can re-add them as follows:

Please note that this won’t bring back the data and just the field definition. If you also want to bring back the data, you would need to restore the most recent backup.