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How to create a specific custom test case Template


In our current Template base we have a lot of test cases that have multiple verification points. our current template allows us the freedom to have the Steps field as a free form text field (as in the standard “test case (text)” template) while still allowing us to have the verification points defined as needed to be passed/failed individually, as you would have them if you would use the standard “test case (steps)” template.

is there a way to create a template that allows for this? Steps free form, Results to be passed failed individually?


Hi John,

Thanks for your posting! You can have both versions with the same template but the results can only be assigned per step if you actually use the steps field on the case level. If you use the free text field, then TestRail wouldn’t show the individual steps on the Add Result dialog. It can still make sense to allow both fields per case/template and this gives you a bit more flexibility when writing test cases (without the need to switch templates).



Hi Tobias,
I tried yesterday to open an issue but i cant find it through the recent opened topics.
What am i doing wrong?