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How to create a report by Type for All Test Suites



I would like to create a TestRail report that gives me the test case count or % by type (i.e. Manual vs Automated) in all test suites within a project.

For example, I have a Project that has 2 Test Suites (i.e. TSA and TSB). I want to create a report that tells me the % of test cases in the project that has type=“Automated” and also show this % by test suites (i.e. TSA - 50% is automated while TSB may have 0% automated).

I’ve found a built in report (Property Distribution under Cases) that would tell me the overall % by project but not by test suites. For test suites, I would have to create a separate reports for each test suite within the project which is not feasible for me as we have many test suites. Is there an easy way to do this? We are using the hosted solution so I am not sure how easy it is to access the DB for this.

Thanks in advance.



Thanks for your posting and my apologies for the delayed response. It’s currently not supported to separate this by test suites in a single report unfortunately and you would need create separate reports for each test suite if you also want to see the distribution among different test suites. I’ve added your request to our todo list and we will make sure to look into this for a future version.