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How to create a new Test Run in the same Test Plan using previous test selection


I have a Test Plan with many Test Run, one each week. The test case selection varies week after week, but the base is always the same - a subset of the test suite.

I know I can use ReRun, but it creates a new Test Plan with all the Test Runs reset.

What I need is a new Test Run inside the same Test Plan, but using the previous (or arbitrary) run test case selection.

Is there a way to do that?

I saw similar threads but I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for.


Paul Garcia


Hi Paul,

Thanks for your posting. If you are using configurations inside your test plan (and all configurations under the same group use the same case selection), you can simply add a new configuration and this configuration will also use the existing case selection of this group:

Or are you using separate test plan entries (one per suite?)? In this case you would need to add a new test run/suite to the plan and you wouldn’t be able to reuse or copy the case selection directly. It’s already planned to make this use case more flexible (copying case selections and filters) and we would like to look into this for a future version.



Hi Tobias,

the latter is my case. To illustrate my preferred workflow:

  1. Create Test Plan
  2. Add my first test run selecting the tests
  3. Run the Test
  4. Later on, we need another run in the same test plan with the same selection. I don’t want to create another test plan, as the plan is the same.

I guess a good solution would be to have some sort of grouping, where I can create pseudo sub-suites based on my main suite. Then I could add individual tests or a “test group” to my run…




Hi Paulo,

Thanks for your reply and additional details. You can add multiple runs to the same test plan, either independently or as part of an existing group. Groups of runs use configurations (see screenshot above) and can also share the same settings (case selection, assignee). Independent runs in a plan have their own settings and you would need to set the case selection or assignee separately for each independent test run in a plan.

I hope this helps!