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How to copy test cases from other project


Is there a way to copy test cases from different project?

is there a way to create a reference in one project’s test run - to test cases from different project?


Hello Hagay,

Thanks for your post! Yes, you would be able to reuse test cases from other projects by copying the test cases via the Copy dialog. You can open the Copy dialog from a project’s Test Cases tab (or a test suite page) and selecting the copy icon in the toolbar. You can then select the source project/test suite to copy cases from. Test runs would only support adding test cases from within the project where the test run was added, however you would be able to add a reference to the test case ID within e.g. the Preconditions field or any other text field on the test case via TestRail’s entity linking feature. You can learn more about this on our website here:

Hope this helps!