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How to Copy/move from one suite to another?


I’m trying to use the copy/move function to copy a whole suite of tests into another suite. When I select all the cases and sections in the source suite and click on ‘copy’ I get the response

Please select at least one test case

But I’ve just selected all of them. If I go back and deselect all of them, and just select one, I get the same response.

When I clicked on the ‘move’ button, then it worked, but it did a copy not a move and it didn’t preserve the folder structure.

How do I copy one entire suite into another and preserve the section/sub-section structure?


Hi John,

Thanks for the posting. Could you email us a screenshot of the message / selected test cases to or post it here so we can take a look and explain this?


Hi @dgurock

Any solution into this problem?



In my experience that error comes and goes. Does the error persist or did you not try again?
I have worked with the copy/move function without problem, then inexplicably the error pops up. Closing the copy window and reopening the suite usually resolves any issues.

I have so far not located any specific cause for the behaviour. Might this be a session issue?


Hi Zolani,

Thanks for your reply. Can you please send us a screenshot of the message and selected test cases directly to so we can have a look? This will help us to troubleshoot the issue.