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How to Copy a suite of Test Cases from a Milestone to the next?



I have two Test Suite, each with sections and many test cases within each section.
All have been entered for phase 1.

Now for phase 2, I will expand from my suite of test cases. This is what I’m trying to do:

  1. First Create a Milestone 2 with “Phase 2” - Done

  2. I want to keep my existing suite of test cases but copy all of them into a phase 2
    so those set will be my regression suite of test cases - How?

  3. then start adding my test cases - (after step 2 is done)


Hello Roy,

I’m not sure if I understand the question correctly. Usually the workflow looks like this:

  • You define a suite with your cases
  • You setup Phase 1 as a milestone
  • You start a run of the suite and assign it to the Phase 1 milestone

Now, when you begin with Phase 2 of your project, you

  • (Optional: Close the first run to protect it from further changes)
  • (Optional: Add additional cases to the suite)
  • Setup a new milestone called Phase 2
  • Start a new run for the suite and assign it to the Phase 2 milestone

Would this work in your situation? Are you looking to do something different?



Hi Dennis,

The scenario for phase 1 as you outlined in your reply that’s exactly what I did.

I’m guessing in a phase 2, the “normal” workflow would be to create a Test Plan Run
and pick existing TCs from phase 1 and select phase 2 in the Milestone drop-down.

But what is different for me is that I need to update quite a few of my TCs in phase 1
because we have changed our credit card processing vendor. So technically my title of
my TCs are still the same but my test steps will change. So what I was thinking is to keep
my phase 1 TCs untouch and create copies of those TCs and edit the phase from 1 to 2 and then make my test steps changes.

I hope that helps clarify my question.

  • Roy


Hi Roy,

Thanks for the clarification. The important questions is: will you need to execute the test cases of Phase 1 in the future again? I.e. will you need to maintain the Phase 1 version of your software (and execute the test cases) while you are working on Phase 2?

If not, you could just edit and update the test cases without worrying about the old cases. The only thing you should do is to close the old test runs, so that test case changes don’t propagate to the old runs (please note that you cannot reopen a run once it has been closed).

We will also start working on test case versioning soon and this should make working with old cases and test runs a bit easier.



Hi Dennis,

will you need to execute the test cases of Phase 1 in the future again?
I would say No But in the worst case where we switch to the new provider and the integration implementation doesn’t go smoothly we still have the possibility to move back to our original provider in which case Yes all the existing phase 1 TCs will be executed again.

Closing the Test Run for phase 1 would have been the best option but unfortunately
we have not been very diligent in creating Test Run for each of our test execution (I know i’m still educating the staff to follow the Test Run process)

I mind for now, have to mannualy copy TCs I need from phase 2 and just prefix the title with something like ph2-

  • Roy