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How to configure the level security from JIRA on Testrail?



We have a JIRA xhere we use the option “Security level”.
The name of this field is “level”.

But i can’t match this field from testrail when I create an account.
So, I must create the bug from testrail. Then go to jira and modify my bug.

is there a solution that i can select the true value from testrail ?


Hi Aurélie,

Thanks for your posting. Is “Security Level” a custom field you/your administrator added to JIRA? You can enable such fields on the Push Defect dialog in TestRail and you would be able to submit it when pushing new issues. This can be configured as follows:



No it is not a custom field of JIRA.
This field appears if you configure a security level on a project.
I try with this userguide by fill level (by the jql of jira it is level) or security_level
But i have an error message.
That’s why i open this topic.

Can you help me ?


Hi Aurélie,

Thanks for your reply. If it isn’t a custom field, then the field is not supported at this point unfortunately. We are happy to look into this and would recommend the workaround of setting the field directly in JIRA after pushing the issue to JIRA.



Hi Tobias,

Are there any plans for adding this feature to Testrail? In our team we need to choose between four different security levels when creating new defects and sometimes people just forget to change the security level manually in Jira. It would be so much easier if users could define the security level when pushing the defect from Testrail.



Hi Tuomas,

There are no immediate plans to add support for this field but we are happy to look into this again for a future version, thanks for your feedback! We currently recommend setting a good default (in JIRA) and then manually overriding the field in JIRA once you pushed a new issue to JIRA.