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How to best accommodate different test teams?



I’m evaluating TestRail for use in our test group, which is divided between two different teams, each focused on independent product lines (don’t share milestones, test plans, processes, etc.). I was wondering how best to accommodate these two teams so that they don’t really “see” each other in TestRail.

Would it be best to set up two top-level Projects (e.g. “Team 1” and “Team 2”), and then use Milestones within each of these to track the various test efforts? I don’t see any other way of doing this. One challenge with that, however, is that I originally created a top-level, team-specific Project (e.g. “Version 2.5”) and now have Milestones and Test Runs associated with that, and I don’t see any way to reassign them to a new project. It appears as if I painted myself into a corner.


Hello Jeff,

Thanks for your posting! Yes, I would also recommend using projects to manage this. Each team can create as many projects as it makes sense (e.g., just one or multiple) and can use milestones/run/plans to structure these projects. If each team is working on a single product/product-line, it can make sense to use just a single project per team. You can hide or control/deny access to this projects via project permissions:

The usual recommendation in this case would be to create two user groups under Administration > Users & Roles (one for each team). You can then easily configure the project access and permissions by setting the projects to No Access and granting permissions to the team in question, e.g. by overriding the group access to Global Role (whitelist approach). No Access means that no user has access to these projects by default. The override for the group will allow access to a project for all users in this group (and setting the group access to Global Role will apply the global role of the user to this project).

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions!