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How to avoid to duplicate the same test plan every time that I want to make a new run of the same test plan


Hi all,

I was checking how to make runs for specific test plan, so I created a new test plan assigned the suites and also the configurations, then I run all the tests for each configuration, that is ok. But If want to make a new run of the same test plan (same suites / configurations) by clicking on the Re-run button it creates a new test plan, is there any other way to run the same test plan without having to create a new one ? In testlink to make a new run I just to created a new build for the selected test plan and then I was able to run all the test, without having to duplicated the same test plan.




Hi Diego,

Thanks for the feedback. A test plan in TestRail is just a collection of runs to enter results. So you can simply use the Rerun button to create a similar plan and it would automatically copy all the settings. There’s no need in TestRail to define a test plan first and then assign builds or similar, as the test plan is already the “instance” to add the results. The rerun button also makes it easy to actually select cases based on previous statuses if you find it useful.



Hi Dennis,

Thank you for your quick reply and clarification. To move from testlink to testrail is a big change when It has been used it for a long time :).




Great to hear that this helped, Diego! :smile: