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How to associate sub-milestones for Test runs under a Test plan?

It seems like there is no way to associate sub-milestone to a test run which is under a test plan.

We have defined the workflow as below:

Android Project

MAJOR RELEASE [Test Plan] - (associated to Parent milestone)
-> Feature 1 release - (sub milestone1)
-> Feature 2 release - (sub milestone2)
-> Product 1 release - (sub milestone3)
-> Beta release - (sub milestone4)
-> Gold release - (sub milestone5)

So basically we want it to be more collective where we can track the milestone for each new feature/product but these feature/product are still within 1 single testplan.

Any idea?

Hi Nino,

Thank you for the post! With TestRail, milestones allow an additional level of hierarchy / organization for test runs or test plans but each run inside a test plan would be associated with the plan and these would not have their own milestone property. We are happy to review adding support for this in a future update to TestRail. That said, we would not have a specific timeframe for this yet.

In the meantime, with this use case, we would generally recommend creating these runs individually instead of within a test plan so that you can create a parent milestone for the major release and a sub-milestone for each feature. Each of the individual runs or test plans would be able to be linked to a separate sub-milestone for each feature and you could also link multiple runs or test plans to the same sub-milestone if needed.

I hope this helps!


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@j.callahan Thanks, yeah we have agreed to use that for now.