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How to assign same TC to a same person for a test run which was cloned from last week test run



Can anyone help if Testrail support assign same TC to a same person for a test run which was cloned from last week test run. For example

  1. First week: i created a test run with 1000 TC, i tried to assign manually of these 1000 TC to 5 testers
  2. Second week: a same plan is created, is there any way that i can assign these same TC to same 5 testers instead i have to select and assign manually ?



Hi Dung,

Thanks for the post! When creating new test runs using the Rerun button, individually assigned test cases would not retain their assignee. However, you could start multiple test runs with just the cases for the specific tester selected. When creating a test run with the entire test run assigned to a user, this selection would be retained using the Rerun feature.

For example, you could follow this workflow to create a re-usable test plan for each of your 5 testers and retain test assignments:

  1. Create a new test plan
  2. Add a test run to the plan for every tester
  3. (Optional) Edit the name of the test run to match your tester’s name/functional area, this makes it easy to identify which run belongs to which tester
  4. Select the tests and sections for each run so that each test run contains tests only for a specific tester.
  5. Select the tester in the Assigned To drop-down box for each run

With this workflow, each time you use the Rerun button for the test plan, the test run assignee would be retained. If the assignments or tests change, you can modify the test runs as needed. You can also do this with individual test runs outside of test plans, as the overall assignee of a test run is retained with the Rerun option.

I hope this option helps!


Hi Jon

I appreciate for your response. Thanks a lots !