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How to assign, assignment, assigning test plan creation to a user?


Dear TestRail Experts,

Is there a way inside the TestRail UI to assign the task of creating or writing a test plan, or test suite, for a user such that it can show up in a user’s Todo list within TestRail?

I’m not asking about assigning “test runs”. This is specific to writing new tests. I’d like to assign the writing of test suites from within TestRail instead of using an issue tracker or ticketing system.

If TestRail does not do this, I’m wondering how managers are assigning the the writing of test plans (vs using emails or issue/ticket trackers like Bugzilla, Jira, Redmine, etc.)

Any input appreciated. Thanks.



Thanks for your posting. The Todo page currently only displays of list of assigned tests and does not support other types of todos (such as planned tasks, etc.). You can either use external tools to track such things as you mentioned. An alternative could be to add empty test suites/test cases and use custom fields to “assign” the designated writer (which can also be displayed on the test cases table by adding this as a column, for example). Would this work for you?